Retail POS Systems 2021

A Point-of-Sale (POS) system works as a central center for retail corporations through the processing of all customer transactions. There are additional points to manipulate goods and customers and track income in retail POS systems. Good retail POS software gadget is easy to use and low cost for employees, which costs less than 100 dollars per month.

Retail POS System Best for
Lightspeed Retail (Best overall) Retailers that want robust inventory management and reporting for a low fee
Vend Retail stores that want a POS with built-in loyalty program
Shopify Multichannel sellers who want a streamlined POS and ecommerce platform
ShopKeep Boutiques, specialty stores, or cafes that want detailed inventory management
Square New or small businesses that want an immediate and low-cost system
SpringBoard Retail stores that want a POS with built-in foot traffic calculator
QuickBooks Businesses that want a locally installed system with no monthly software fees

Vend: Best Retail POS System With Loyalty Program

Vend is primarily a cloud-based POS machine for retailers. There is a sophisticated consumer loyalty application that is created monthly monthly-to-month fees. Most POS systems charge more costs for advanced CRM features, so Vend is a notable POS gadget for retail businesses that wants a loyalty program.

Send Pricing and Features

Month-by-month charge for the Vendes Lite scheme is equivalent to light-speed retail. However, to maximize the benefits of Vend's facilities, included in the underlying loyalty program, you would like to choose Pro Diagram for $ 129 per month. Vend can be used in Mac or PC or through the iOS app for mobile POS, and it works in the cloud, so there is no need for exceptional hardware.

Vend Lite
Vend Pro
Monthly Fee*
Up to 6
Additional Registers*
Inventory Management
Unlimited Products
Loyalty & Gift Cards
24/7 Phone & Chat Support

Shopify: Best Multichannel Retail POS System

Shopify POS is a flexible price POS solution and an ecommerce platform for shop owners. Unlike other POS systems in our list, which are exclusively brick-and-mortar platforms with ecommerce extensions, Shopping is ecommerce-based and has additional on line sales channels such as Facebook, Zintrest, Amazon and BuzzFeed. Overall, Shopify POS is a great answer for multi-channel retailers.

Shop pricing level

Shopify POS offers three unique software options: the primary purchase for $ 29 per month, $ 79 per month shopping and advanced shopping for $ 299 per month. Shopify works on iPad. Retailers can add additional funds register or receipt printers as required. With so many options, Shopify is the most flexible pricing of any gadget in our list.

Basic Shopify
Advanced Shopify
Monthly Fee
Online Credit Card Processing
2.9% + 30 cents
2.6% + 30 cents
2.4% + 30 cents
In-store Credit Card Processing
2.7% + $0
2.5% + $0
2.4% + $0
Unlimited products
Online Store
Gift Cards
Professional Reports
Advanced Report Builder

ShopKeep: Best POS System for Cafes & Specialty Retailers

ShopKeep is a cloud-based iPad POS machine for retailers, cafes and specialty stores. Shopkeeping has specific stock and product tracking which is usually located in retail POS systems, but it also includes recipes and element tracking, making it a great POS for the bakery or any café or retailer, That's both food or drink. In addition to promoting the substance it is necessary.

Shopkeeping pricing and features

ShopKeep has pricing-based pricing, so contact ShopKeep for specific pricing for your business. However, Shopkeeper usually has three POS monthly plans: Basic, Required, and Advanced Plans with one of the features. Contact ShopKeep representative for special pricing and quote.

Estimated Monthly Fee
Unlimited Transactions
Unlimited Inventory Items
Pocket Reporting App 
Advanced Marketing Features
Customer Loyalty Program

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