Real Estate CRMs for 2021

A Real Estate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool is one that leads the buyer and seller to income processes. We opted for 19 systems and six satisfying people – on the basis of common real property CRM – price, monitoring facilities, ease of use, customer provider and reporting options.

Real Estate CRM Best For
Wise Agent (Best Overall) Agents who need an affordable and comprehensive industry-specific CRM
Freshsales Agents who want advanced customization and sales reporting with a free starting price
Pipedrive Agents seeking a CRM with a highly visual pipeline for lead tracking
LionDesk Agents who need advanced real estate marketing technology like video email
Realvolve Agents who need an easy-to-use, intuitive real estate CRM interface
Propertybase Large teams looking for a CRM with Salesforce integration

Best Overall Real Estate CRM: Wise Agent CRM

Wise Agent CRM is an industry-leading real estate CRM, which is known for its huge points and strengths. It provides lead monitoring and pipeline management with the advent of email marketing tools such as a campaign. The good agent is particularly special due to the fact that it provides these elements – as per the person's prices – for very low user fees. Looking at these standout offerings, we believe that sensible retailers are the first-rate CRM options for real estate dealers who are still opening and working on a restricted budget.

Sensible agent pricing

Smart Agent is charged 29 greenbacks per person per day with on-the-go-one-oning after the free 30-day trial period. If you choose to indicate an annual contract, the fee is $ 25 per person per month. Under its agency program, custom pricing is largely accessible to agencies and teams.

Wise Agent Features

The sensible agent does a great job of packing facilities at the pricing level. These elements include e-mail marketing, a team calendar, touchdown page, document storage, strong reporting and more. Unlike other real estate properties such as CRM, the discerning agent confirms all the points that actual property vendors need to interact with their leads without adding complexity or layers of cost.

Best Real Estate CRM for Advanced Customization: Freshsales

Freshless is an easy-to-use, low-cost CRM that is not specifically designed for real estate but apart from this, real estate agents may be acceptable for the desire. This is especially suitable for its customization options and strong reporting, though additionally includes ad tool and lead job functionality. These aspects are Freshless Perfect for Busy Real Estate Workplaces and Brokerage, who want more control over the look and feel of their CRM and are interested in tools for agent management.

Freshsales Tiered Features

Freshless starts with a Free Forever Basic Plan and a feature-rich real estate CRM increases, starting from $ 19 per month or $ 12 per month with an annual contract. It's a bit cheaper than a good agent or liondesk, and it comes with a 30-day free trial.


Free Forever
$19 per month
$35 per month
$65 per month
Pipeline Management
Lead Management
Built-in Phone App
Email Campaigns
24×5 Email & Phone Support
Advanced Reporting
CRM Customization
Territory & Lead Assignment
Reporting Dashboard
Smartform & Event Tracking

Best Real Estate CRM for Visual Lead Tracking: Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a full-featured real estate CRM that starts at $ 15 per user, in which there is a visual overview of the entire sale pipeline which can be without problems without manipulating drag-and-drop functionality. Pipedrive is perfect for "visual learners" – Real estate retailers who choose to watch a visible dashboard fast, each lead is in the pipeline and drag-and-drop in new lead degrees for easy management.

Pipedrive Tiered Features

Pipedrive real estate starts with $ 15 per month with the CRM infrastructure, which is more cost-effective than the different options like propertybase. Each bundle will be more attractive with an annual contract, which saves about 17% of the agent per month. With a 14-day free trial, you can test aspects other than risk without problems.

$15 per user
$29 per user
$59 per user
Customizable Dashboard
Calendar View
Activities & Reminders
Advanced Reporting Tools
Chat & Email Support
Workflow Automation
Customized User Permission Settings
Revenue Forecast

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