Inventory Management Software 2021

The inventory administration software is designed to help businesses to buy music product levels, sales, orders, and upcoming stocks. It should be integrated with the accounting software program to create a blissful workflow, and you record to display the health of your business. Extraordinary stock management software program for small business varies from $ 500 per month.

Inventory Management Software Best For
Zoho Inventory (Best Overall) Small businesses that need affordable and flexible inventory management for one location
Lightspeed Retail Retail shops that need a robust inventory system, along with excellent prebuilt reports
QuickBooks Enterprise Small businesses that use QuickBooks and need to track assembly, inventory, and sales
Stitch Labs Small retailers with low-volume sales per month that want an easy-to-use inventory management system
Odoo Small- to mid-sized businesses that want an open-source inventory solution with add-on module options
Cin7 Omnichannel sellers that need an agile inventory management system with plenty of integrations

Zoho Inventory: Best Overall Inventory Management Software for Small Businesses

Zaho Inventory lets you tune inventory and sales, manage shipping and purchase orders, and even kitting solutions. This is especially the full inventory management software for low cost, which makes it a terrific alternative to any small business line or to shut down. There is a free plan, but for high-volume vendors, you have to choose a month-by-month plan.

Zoho Inventory Pricing and Features

If annual payment is made, the rate of the June-inventory steps is $ 199 per month free, if month-by-month payments are made. Low cost schemes work well for small groups to control only one warehouse. If you find that the order restriction is very low, then you can add up to 50 orders per month for $ 5. In addition, if you go with the highest-value diagram and 10 are more than the permitted warehouses, then you can add some other warehouse for $ 9 per month.


Monthly Cost*
Online & Offline Orders (Total)
Drop Shipping
Inventory Reports
Serial Numbers
Batch Numbers

Lightspeed Retail: Best Inventory Management Software for Reporting

LightSpeed ​​is more than retail stock administration software program because it is basically POS software, although it is accepted to maintain strong stock controls and terrific retrospective reports. This is an easy-to-use, cheap option that leads small retailers to a large number of inventory in brick-and-mortar stores.

Lightspad retail pricing

If you pay on an annual basis, then the price for Lightspad Retail starts with Nine Nine Dollars per month. If you want to keep more than one register for your management or more than 5 users want you to help in inventory management, you can contact a LightSpace Advisor to get a custom quote. Add-on aspects include ecommerce for $ 59 per month, which allows up to 250 products, and a loyalty software at the same rate point that gives advertising equipment and an award program.

Lightspeed Retail Features

Lightspeed list is for administration and for retail reasons it is for the exact reason at the top of the list. You can easily import inventory from spreadsheets, add multiple variants to each product and include serial numbers. Order order also purchases the administration, and you can re-setting the lightspeed retail with integrated seller catalogs.

QuickBooks Enterprise: Best Inventory Management Software for QuickBooks Users

QuickBook is enterprise software, however, when you add better stock features, then it will become a powerful stock management software. This allows you to exceed the music list, income and expenditure. There are bin management, order fulfillment and happy reports designed to work well for manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers, who like QuickBook for financials.

QuickBook Enterprise Pricing

Although there are several versions of QuickBooks, and with some basic stock management, you want to select the QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum plan, which comes with advanced inventory feature. For a cloud-hosted model, month-to-month costs $ 191 per user, which is a much higher price than Zoe Inventory, but more affordable than Stich Labs. Domestically hosted version is a bit more expensive ($ 147 / month / user), however you want your server, and you can not use data remotely.

QuickBooks Enterprise Features

Most inventory administration software programs require you to integrate your accounting software to make it more likely to be a day-to-day business, although this is not the case with the QuickBook Enterprise. The advanced stock tool works well to track inventory, income and expenditure. With Platinum Plans, you are in a position to create automatic pricing guidelines for quantitative exemptions, promotions and more, which is within your list.

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