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3rd-Party Logistics (3PL) Companies 2021

Third-party Logistics (3PL) companies offer outsource, end-to-end logistics services like inventory management, order fulfillment, shipping, freight delivery and import / export. These third-party logistics services are not reserved for large-scale enterprise-level businesses only. With a lot of startups and small businesses, it seems to be more efficient and economical to outsource 3PL companies and outsourcing of freight.

3PL Company Best for
FedEx Fulfillment Small businesses that want an all-in-one 3PL fulfillment and freight solution
ShipBob Small businesses and startups needing ecommerce and batch order fulfillment
Red Stag Fulfillment Ecommerce companies shipping luxury, oversized, and special-handling products
FreightPros Small businesses that ship inventory or orders via truck freight
RedHawk Global Freight shipping, storage, and distribution within North America
Whitebox Manufacturers and brands selling on Amazon & other channels

1. FedEx Fulfillment: Best Overall 3PL Company for Small Business

FedEx Fulfillment makes integrated big business 3PL solutions accessible to small businesses. Its ecommerce fulfillment service is surprisingly economical and gives clients four months to reach the 100 orders-per-week minimum. FedEx Fulfillment, FedEx Shipping, and FedEx Freight interconnect as a total 3PL solution, and your spend on one service helps you get lower rates across all.

FedEx Fulfillment 3PL Services & Fees

FedEx Fulfillment has standardized fulfillment fees, but FedEx Shipping and FedEx Freight rates are volume-based. FedEx Fulfillment’s dedicated account reps coordinate with the parcel shipping and freight divisions to help clients get discounts across all services. As you grow and your fulfillment, shipping, and freight volumes increase, so do your discounts.FedEx provides 3PL options integrated large enterprises for small businesses. Its ecommerce providers are surprisingly low cost and give customers 4 months to get one hundred orders per week. FedEx Fulfillment, FedEx Shipping, and FedEx Freight Combine 3PL as a total of the solution, and your expenditure on one service helps you to get lower value in all of you.

FedEx fulfillment 3PL service and fees

The FedEx fulfillment received the standardization fee, but FedEx shipping and FedEx freight quotation are quantitatively based. FedEx coordinates with full-fledged dedicated accounts parcel delivery and freight divisions, to help customers get deduction in all services. As you increase your shipping, shipping, and quantity of goods, increase your rebates.

3PL Service Amount What It Covers
Setup Free Onboarding and account setup is free
Inbound Shipping Discounted Discounted FedEx parcel and freight rates
Receiving Free Free if Inbound Shipment Standards are followed
Inventory Storage 19 cents per cubic foot Stored inventory based on volume, billed weekly
Pick & Pack $1.80 per order & 40 cents per unit Includes shipping box and fill material
Outbound Shipping Discounted Discounted FedEx parcel rates, some USPS shipping options available
Returns $2.50 per order Return processing, quality check, and restock

2. ShipBob: Best 3PL Company for Ecommerce Startups & Batch Shippers

ShipBob is a 3PL company delivering ecommerce fulfillment services that go toe-to-toe with FedEx Fulfillment. In fact, its 100-order monthly minimum is more startup-friendly than FedEx Fulfillment. Plus, ShipBob offers batch fulfillment on a per-project basis for crowdfunding campaigns or product launches. Many 3PL fulfillment companies, including FedEx Fulfillment, focus on daily shippers.

ShipBob 3PL Fulfillment Services & Fees

ShipBob customizes each fulfillment program and fee structure to the specific needs of its clients. Unlike other fulfillment services, ShipBob rolls basic fulfillment tasks into a per-shipment charge, which includes order pick-and-pack tasks, basic shipping boxes and fill materials, and carrier charges. Only your storage costs and add-on services, like kitting, are figured separately.hipbox is a 3PL organization that receives ecommerce achievement services which goes to the toe with the FedEx Fulfillment. In fact, its 100-order monthly minimum is more startup-friendly than FedEx fulfillment. In addition, Shipbob provides batch fulfillment on the counter-project foundation for crowd financing campaigns or product launches. There are several pointers on many 3PL achievement groups daily shipers, which include FedEx fulfillment.

Shipbob 3PL Fulfillment Service and Charges

Shipbob customizes each submitted program and fee size for the special wishes of its customers. Unlike other fulfillment services, Shipbob rolls up simple fulfillment features in a counter-shipment charge, including order pick-and-pack work, basic delivery packing containers and materials and service fees. Only your storage value and add-on services, such as kiting, are kept separately.

3PL Service Amount What It Covers
Setup $0 Onboarding and account setup is free
Inbound Shipping Discounts available Discounted rates available with ShipBob’s common carriers
Receiving $35 Inbound stock receipt, unpack, and check-in
Inventory Storage $5+ Bin or pallet storage, starting at $5/month per sku
Order Fulfillment Per quote Pick, pack, and ship costs one fee based on account volume
Returns Free Returns are processed and restocked for free

3. Red Stag Fulfillment: Best 3PL Company for Products That Need Special Handling

Red Stage Fulfillment is a 3PL enterprise suitable for any other small business that focuses on ecommerce fulfillment. However, it specializes in these products which require special handling. It includes oversized, heavy, heavy and fine goods, as well as luxurious accessories with high value. In fact, it also videos-track your goods because they walk through storage areas through packing and shipping.

Red Stag Fulfillment 3PL Service & Charges

Red Stage Fulfillment is very clear with their pricing. Collections, orders, and per-item fees are all mentioned in their tariff schedule, and add-on prices are charged per hour or on each project. The only unknown expense to start with Red Stag is your transportation charge – however, customers benefit from less readymade FedEx rates of purple stags.

3PL Service Amount What It Covers
Setup Free Onboarding and account setup is free
Inbound Shipping Discounts available Some discounts available via Red Stag common carriers or FedEx Shipping
Receiving $13.25 per pallet Inbound stock receipt, unpack, and check-in
Inventory Storage Pallet: $15
½ Pallet: $7.50
¼ Pallet: $3.75
Shelf Location: $2
Per SKU, billed monthly
Order Pick & Pack $2.25 – $2.64 first item
+ 30¢ per added item
Order pick and pack costs per order and item
Outbound Shipping Discounted Deeply discounted FedEx parcel rates
Returns Per quote Returns processing and restock fees based on returns plan
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